Thursday, February 19, 2009

Demarini - Voodoo Metal Baseball Bat

The Demarini Voodoo bat is a very light-weight bat. It has a lot of pop and is one of my favorite bats to use. Since I compete on the college level, I want to have equipment that is as close to top of the line as I can get.

I use a 34 inch bat in a -3 model. In fact, my entire team uses the Demarini Voodoo bat. The other size we use is a 33 inch -3 model.

Although, just like any product that sustains repeated use, this bat will start to dent. But, it will last long enough to get substantial use out of it before needing to be replaced.

I definitely recommend this bat for any level of play that allows metal bats to be used.


  1. Since I've never played baseball, I never even give any thought to the brand of bat. Now I know one can pick out a bat just as one would pick out a hockey stick. And, like a fh stick, it dents over time. How many bats have you broken, Kev?

  2. Thanks for the info on this bat. I don't think I will ever need a bat, but in case I have to pull a Carrie Underwood I will keep this in mind :)

  3. hey "ajerseygirl",

    Thanks for your comment. I've actually broken quite a few bats in my day. haha. I think I've probably broken about 10 or so in my lifetime.

  4. Great info Kev! What's the difference between a wooden bat and a metal bat?

  5. hey "Jen",

    The basic difference between a metal bat and a wood bat is the "pop" (or distance the ball travels off the bat). A metal bat is actually hollow on the inside. The ball actually bounces off the metal bat easier.

    A wooden bat is obviously not hollow. The baseball hits a wood bat more solid and the ball doesn't bounce as well off of it. The wood bat obsorbs more force.