Friday, March 20, 2009

Academa Wood Bats

During the off season, my baseball team uses wood bats to increase hitting skill.

Wood bats are great for hitting off a tee, taking batting practice, or hitting soft toss. The Academa wood bat is a great tool to use for this.

There are two specific bats I recommend:

<-Akadema A581 Elite Professional Grade Wood Bat

Akadema Super Bat Elite Professional Grade Wood Bat ->

The A581 Elite wood bat is made of Ash, and is very durable. This bat hits solid and stays true for hundreds of swings.

The Super Bat Elite wood bat is a Maple bat. The maple gives the bat a lighter feel with the same durability and pop as the Ash bat.

Both bats are great for hitting baseball. I've used both models and recommend either one for the baseball player wanting to improve hitting.


  1. i got nephew that about to be 5, what would be a good starter bat for him?

  2. I recommend the Louisville Slugger "Warrior" bat for your nephew. This bat is light weight and just the right size for a youngster getting started with baseball. This bat comes in (24 inch, 14 ounce), (25 inch, 15 ounce), or (26 inch, 16 ounce) sizes. Any of these sizes should be fine. It will only cost you around $20.00. Hope this helps.